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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mike Carew's 19th CD Launch

Friday, May 25

The WISE Hall – 1882 Adanac St.

Doors: 8pm

Show: 9pm

Tickets $10

Singer/songwriter, Mike Carew proudly launches his

19th original CD


on May 25th

at East Vancouver’s historic WISE Hall

with special guests

Goes To Eleven

At home on small café stages with just his guitar, this landmark show will be Carew’s first performance with a full band since 2001.

Nineteen self-produced albums in as many years is an almost unheard of feat in the music world. Mike says he set the goal for himself in order to keep his work fresh and to challenge himself. Every CD contains new material, which was written in that particular year.

About the process, Carew says the first four CD’s were a challenge, but the process has made it easier. Once the show is done he’ll be back at it already thinking about the next CD.

“It used to be a case where I’d write down a tune and be worried that if I’d go to bed I’d forget it the next day. Now it doesn’t bother me. If it’s good, I’ll remember it.”

Reviewers have put forward these comments in regards to the work:

“Mike treats his subjects with kindness and compassion,”

“…he turns his focus to social injustice without sacrificing any of the pop sensibility which make these songs interesting.”

Perhaps the best description of Carew’s work is that it’s a fusion of Jim Croce, the Beatles, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. There is an underlying, undeniable honesty to Mike’s writing and performance style that draws you in and keeps you wanting more.

Carew had a confession to make when asked why he decided to call this album “Rare”: He’s following the alphabet! The one incongruity was with the second CD, Underture, but he’s been on track since then.

The May 25th show will be opened by long-time collaborator Eliot Pister with his band Goes To Eleven. Pister has worked on eleven of Mike’s nineteen albums.

To reserve tickets call 685 5867 or email

Check out Mike’s songs and video on his website,

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Blogger Rich Loiselle said...

Mike, himself, is a very "Rare" talent, to say the least, and, a great human being.

7:32 PM  

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