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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dylan Thomas: A Profile of His Brief, Bright and Mecurial Life

Sunday, March, 18th
4:00 - 6:00pm
Johnnie Fox's Irish Snug
1033 Granville Street
$5 at the Door

Celebrate the spirit of Wales's greatest poet over three stages of his life with hosts Neville Thomas and David Webb of the Vancouver Dylan Thomas Circle. This event features the 1962 Oscar-winning documentary Dylan Thomas and stories and poetry from his brilliant adult career. Damon Calderwood*, Alexis Kellum-Greer and Rebecca Coleman will give staged reading of excerpts from the theatrical production Dylan, which focuses on his visits to North America in the year before his death at age 39. (This picture of the poet was taken on a visit to Vancouver, shortly before his death)
Produced by Steve R. Duncan in partnership with Johnnie Fox's Irish Snug
For more information about this event call 604-788-8340, email, or visit our website at

*Damon is also holding his first ever gallery display of bird photographs and is also launching his first book, Flights of Fantasy: Photographing North American Birds (
Opening reception is Thursday, March 1st, from 6 to 8 pm at the Blackberry Gallery in the Port Moody Arts Centre ( 2425 St. Johns Street, Port Moody (at St. Johns and Kyle. Phone: 604 931-2008.
The display will be on from March 1st to April 8th, 2007, and includes pictures of a variety of beautiful birds from trips to the Arctic, Oregon, and all over British Columbia.

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Blogger crownprince_666 said...

Irish Night, alright...

A row was held for the camp of Alexander
a row was heard for miles along the water;
The room was spare, the crowd was barren
the souls were there, but without warrant;
Quite a stew and quite a pickle
made us all a wee bit fickle;
The band was lame, the dancing dames
set the crowded room aflame, then...
the bagpipes came! "Why, they're not even Irish!" said Flaherty,
"...and they drink scotch, not whiskey!"
They left a bloomin' boomin' in me 'ead
that echoed to the Kingdom of the Dead!
50/50 - half a chance, to win a date with Father Finn,
get meself plastered and confess me sins;
Dare I start a feud without the words
'bout Dylan Thomas and Robbie Burns?
"Bildungromans!" I said.
Lucky Luke was undecided...?
Sally-Sue or maybe Iris; Katherine won the lottery,
to save the old school plottery;
Clayton was a gentleman, buying drinks for the ladies
and chatting up the men,
Gordon on Gordon came and went,
came by himself, and left with a brunette
to celebrate his ninety-first birthday in his bed,
"Me beating heart be still!" I said;
So i had a Mac'Guiness stout, instead...
snuck out the back, and went home to bed

St. Patrick's Day, Shamrocks, Whiskey and Beer

luke 3:20-05

2:47 PM  

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